Do ghostwriting agencies only work in English?

No. Large ghostwriting agencies have numerous contacts with multilingual authors and translators. This network also includes English native speakers. In many fields of science or social areas, foreign language skills are essential – be it to evaluate the literature or to write texts yourself.

The larger the network of an agency, the more likely it is to find suitable ghostwriters who know how to deliver a high quality translation, essayistic or academic text.

Our customers want 80% of the time a English text, the remaining 20% of the texts are mostly English. Rarely does it come to inquiries for Turkish or Russian texts as well as texts of Asian languages. Our authors either grew up multilingual or completed a country-specific study at English universities. Purely foreign-language authors who do not have any knowledge of English are not used by us.

How can ghostwriting costs be calculated?

The calculation of the costs depends on the effort the ghost writer has. These are composed of the amount of work, the intended level and the cost of procuring the required literature. Flat-rate page prices, as they are sometimes offered in the industry, are less meaningful and at worst misleading.

Especially academic texts are not by the meter, but one-off production. Therefore, we clarify the prices with our authors before we make a final offer to the customers.

How can the client help to make his text good?

Even after choosing a suitable agency, the client can do a lot to get a good text. It is particularly important to provide as concrete information as possible, or at least initial ideas and drafts as well as some keywords. Ghostwriters need material. The more the better.

The same applies to the time factor: text that is created under high time pressure is not necessarily worse, but often it stays below its potential. Writing is not just a craft, it’s also a creative process. Some ideas come about only in the course of time or in dialogue with the customer. The more ghostwriters learn about their customers’ ideas and the greater the exchange of ideas between the two sides, the more precisely the text can be tailored to the needs of the customer.

Is there legal framework for ghostwriting?

For sure. Ghostwriting is a service. The fact that the knowledge of this type of service is scarcely widespread and that media reports are more likely to target scandal must not hide the fact that ghostwriting is widespread, especially in non-fiction.

Anyone who equates academic ghostwriting with “dissertation fraud” or the creation of “plagiarism” in his reportage attains attention, but is far removed from a realistic description. Many institutions need scientific texts. Creation and sale of these texts are legal. Otherwise, there would hardly be any companies that would openly promote this service. However, it is not permissible to output the text created by a stranger as a separate examination – just as it is not allowed to write off in an exam at his neighbor.

Are ghostwriting texts already read by an editor?

Our authors provide high-quality texts and carry out all correction steps themselves. This is not only for the sake of cost savings, but it also offers the customer a higher discretion, if the circle of readers remains limited. On request, however, a second, additional correction review is possible.

However, if you do not want to do without a software-based plagiarism check, you can do so on the internet (but caution is required when it comes to data protection – hardly anyone would like to send a complete text to an unknown recipient).

The alternative is the purchase of plagiarism software. Upon request, we also take over the examination by such software.

Which sources of literature do ghostwriting agencies use?

The literature is based on the order. Ghostwriters are used to using libraries and professional literature databases. If the customer already has literature, he can send it to the agency, then the ghostwriter will have more time for the evaluation and the writing available.
Academic ghostwriters use all sources that are also used in other areas of science.

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